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blessed with unusual happiness, diabetes

A "How To" Book About 

Love, Life, Sadness, Suffering, Diabetes, Inspiration and Faith

This is a unique, fun to read, real world book of faith and fulfillment that is written in the tone of a fairy tale driven by a theme of managing diabetes.  Women, parents, grandparents, fathers, mothers, spouses and caregivers will all relate to the good, bad, rich, poor, and fairy tale magic that inspired this story.  In the end the intelligence, emotion, experience and spiritual witness shared in the compelling story delivers the inevitable fairy tale requirement - Universal Truth.  "We can all live through all things with strength, confidence and happiness by simply accepting that we are who we are, where we are and what we are because it is God's plan - not our fault."  When we know this we can all be "Blessed With Unusual Happiness.

THE AUTHOR - Ann Clute

• Retired teacher.
• Full time MOM.
• Believer in fairy tales.
• Giver of all that I have.
• Owner of all that I need.
• Follower of God’s will.

• Teacher of God’s ways.

• Wife of a warrior with diabetes.
• Mother of trusted teammates.
• Student of smiles, love and passion.
• Leader of all who wish to follow.
• Coach of Champions.

• Caregiver and cheerleader. 

• Lover of life's tears/tumult/terror/trauma/triumph.

• Speaker of inspiration to live more by demanding less.

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Helping moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas and everyone else when they feel that all of the worst things in life are happening to them and there is no way out.  I have lived this in illness, death, business loss to natural disaster and financial ruin from economic disaster.  The result for me was Blessing and Happiness and it was all normal but Unusual because it led me to know and believe in the fact that "All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above" if we just "thank the Lord for all His love."  If you can help me by contributing to my book club I will get these books out to everyone I can.  Together you and I can do this free of charge so that people in need will know the BLESSINGS OF UNUSUAL HAPPINESS just like you and I.  Please buy a book for yourself and/or pay it forward to change the problems related to diabetes by helping us distribute books to people who need them.

blessed with unusual happiness, diabetes

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