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ABOUT The Book

Books are written with purpose, to entertain, explore, escape, educate and/or inspire. This book will accomplish all of those things in a simple, compelling, fast and easy read.  The story is not made up though it may appear to be.  The story is not simple though it feels that way.  The story is about faith because it is that way.  This story will lead to faith, peace, hope, inspiration and confidence because it is meant to be that way...... 

This book is unique in the context of diabetes, childhood illness, parenting, faith, chronic disease and career.  It includes stories of experiences plus it clearly and emotionally portrays expectations, concerns, fears, and the hope that we all have for our lives and especially for our children.

I write from the perspective that I have

lived and am living.  I do not use my

personal connection with emotional and

intellectual issues we all struggle with to explain and make recommendations about steps and theories of managing families or disease but instead I focus on what we feel, why we feel and how we can deal with those feelings most effectively and painlessly.  Finally, I make the rest of the trip easy by showing that when you know God as your personal tour guide your entire trip through life is good.


"I have millions of things to do and care about every day. How can this be real? I know that I cannot do this alone and so I asked God to give me the extra strength I knew I would need to handle this diagnosis. I thanked him for the blessing of my best friend, my dear husband. At the same time, I needed the wisdom to understand why we were given this challenge. I needed His guidance and continued support in being the best mom I could be. And finally, just like every other prayer I’ve said since I was little, I asked for continued good health and happiness for all of us. AMEN! I had grown up believing the Lord gives us what we need, but we have to do our part. Why wasn’t God doing His part? How could God let this happen? Apparently, a bargain was being struck. A lesson was to be learned. My son had this disease, but I believe God spoke right then and there to me and said. “I will give you what you need to deal with this disease as a family. You need to have a continued belief in Me.” God’s grace is good and so I shall be too. We will overcome and grow better from this challenge."


Quote From The Book



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