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Ann Clute bravely opens her life of Unusual Blessing to become a Blessing for her readers. Her battle to preserve the health of her husband and children, three of which are diabetics, is based on rock solid faith in God, a mother's practical determination, and a beautiful sense fairy tale magic. At times she may seem unyielding in a criticism or demanding in her conclusions, but anyone who has dealt successfully with chronic disease recognizes this defense system as critical to keeping the wolf at bay. I recommend this book both to people looking for practical inspiration to deal with conditions like diabetes, but also to those who are looking for answers from God about seeming unfairness or burdens of life. Thank you for a brave biography and a powerful witness.

Michael Kerouac

Managing Director of CellUCare, a company empowering diabetics and people with serious chronic illnesses to find networks of hope, support, knowledge and community.

Friends and D-Mom friends alike. . . . . I read this book tonight, in one sitting, written by a fellow D-Mom and D-Wife. It was a good read and many of the stories really hit home for our family and offered good perspective. God gave us this life because he knew we were strong enough to live it with diabetes. . . . Thanks Ann Clute for sharing this with me. To the rest of you, check it out!

Brooke Larson Ames

As a wife and mother, Ann Clute shares in her book the concerns, fears, frustrations and “blessings” of living with diabetes. She relates how the family handled the initial diagnoses, were determined to learn all they could, dealt with challenges head on, and provided the support and encouragement for each other. Best of all, Ann’s story teaches that it is not about a “diabetic life” but rather, it is living life to the fullest with diabetes. I can see another follow-up book in the horizon!

Carolyn Wright
Shelter Faith Community Nurse-Sanford Health
Past President YWCA Board of Directors-

YWCA Cass Clay
Parish Nurse Coordinator-Olivet Lutheran Church


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I finished BWUH last night.  It was so amazing!  Thank you for writing such an inspirational book & opening your soul to others.  The amazing faith of you and your family is so uplifting.    I sent some of your Bible verses to my niece who was given the “unusual” blessing, of a Down Syndrome child.  I told her she was chosen by God because of her patience and love as was noted in your book.  After we lost Ryan, it took a long time to find any blessings – there was such an emptiness.  Your book reminded me that our children are God’s children.  I know he is with God now and it gives me assurance I will see him again. 

Your faith & love for family is such an inspiration and you should be so proud of how you have raised them throughout your struggles.  Be proud, stand tall and I am honored to call you my friend.  I learned throughout our struggles that we have to rely on friends for support and strength to get us through the tough times.

Where was your husband when our kids were going through sports?  I never understood the negative approach by some coaches.  Our boys loved sports, but some of their coaches left a negative impact with their idea of “motivating” them.  I think if bosses and coaches learned positive reinforcement, they would have more productive employees and players.  It sounds like your husband would also be a role model for teaching bosses and coaches this.  Your book has given me such hope and blessing.  I am going to share it with my children as I feel your story is one we can all relate to.  Your faith is unbelievable & I thank you for sharing so many verses as a daily reminder.  I will keep them with me as I encounter everyday struggles.

Diane Leister

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