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I was called to write in order to help others find their way to happiness.   Because we are asked to live life to the best of our ability and in the image of God I offer the following services as part of my ministry.

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Blessed With Unusual Happiness was written with one purpose in mind - to help and inspire as many people as possible to find happiness in life.  Because many people will not know about the book or be able to pay I am trying to give my books for free to people who want and need them.   I will accept "pay it forward" contributions from both individuals and companies for the purpose of defeating diabetes.   I will also help others who have socially valuable  products and services to distribute their products right along with mine.

Web Development

I have had great assistance and help with my web development, indie publishing, web development and content management.  I will be happy to guide anyone who is seeking assistance with any technology services to connect with some high value and trustworthy companies who have been very, very good to me.


I am very comfortable talking to people and groups about my experiences, faith, understanding and hope for the future.  My speaking is based upon my life as the mom of two sons with diabetes, spouse of a husband with diabetes and coach of five very wonderful and successful teammates (my children).  I have also lived and contemplated the whys and what fors of losing our business to a natural disaster, unfair athletic injuries, unreasonable deaths as well as honors awards and National Championships.  I have been able to make all of it positive and reasonable by recognizing that I am capable of anything when I know that all I do is the best that I can.  That knowledge is the magic that creates "Unusual Happiness" and that is a message I can give if you invite me.


 I do not pretend to know it all but I have learned a great deal about the process of writing a book.  If anyone is seeking help and direction in their efforts to put their personal revelation into words I will be more than happy to assist to the best of my ability.


Without marketing there would be no book sales, no speaking engagements, no radio appearances, no magazine stories and no newspaper coverage.  I have been blessed again with my wonderful experiences in this arena.  It is my pleasure to introduce the parties that have so generously and effectively assisted me to you and to help you succeed.

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